Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Bananas (1971) 70's Marathon 5#

Directed by: Woody Allen
82 Minutes

I do not have much to say on this one, but I did enjoy the moments where you can see the silent comedy influence on Woody Allen. The character he plays (Fielding Mellish) here is a very awkward, nervous and lonely man, who ends up being a part of a revolution group after being dumped by his activist girlfriend.

While not one of his funniest, the film has some memorable comedy moments, where it feels like a silent comedy with music accompanying the scene. We see Fielding looking at a magazine rack of pornographic magazines, as he tries to have a peek unnoticed by other customers. Then, when he finally gets to the till, the cashier ends up yelling to his workmate “how much is a copy of Orgasm?” It was a pretty funny scene. I really loved the Sylvester Stallone cameo, in one of the funniest scenes in the film. Fielding tries to throw the trouble makers out, which at first loos heroic and sucessful, but it isn't long before he is running down the train.

Fielding is a clumsy character, and Allen pulls off some great physical/gestural humour. He is often fumbling with objects, food and his body for that matter. This is one of Allen’s earlier films, and I think fans will enjoy this one for the silly antics and one-liners. The jokes sometimes have underlying statements of the Vietnam War, which Allen writes shrewdly. Overall, this was a fairly entertaining Allen movie that has some of its moments, but is not that memorable. 



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