Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Dark Star (1974) 70's Marathon 14#

Directed by John Carpenter

Sci-Fi, Comedy
83 Minutes

It's cheap, it's funny, it's a Sci-Fi; it is Dark Star. This is perhaps one of the cheapest looking movies I have seen, but that does not necessarily mean it is bad. While not outrageously funny or great, it has its moments. Dark Star is somewhat of a cult film today for it's cheap sets, corny acting but most of all satirising Sci-Fi films like 2001: A Space Odyssey which will be clear to any fans of that film. From John Carpenter, the director of films like The Thing and Halloween, this is a fun voyage.

The first 15 minutes seem slow, which captures the boredom of the men on the ship, but is rather dull to watch. Things get interesting when one of the crew (Pinback) has to “feed the creature” which we discover to look like a giant beach ball with feet. (picture below) It goes crazy and escapes, causing Pinback to chase it around the ship. This takes up a good portion of the film but is hilarious when we see the beach ball attacking him with a broom.

What I like most about the film is the way you can see it is spoofing 2001: A Space Odyssey. From the use of focusing on one sound effect for a while to the famous scene in 2001 that is high-speed and trippy, the film does a good job at it. Oh, and not to mention the HAL influence with the ship’s voice (however a woman instead here) which was also very amusing.

Overall, I think this one for its runtime is worth a watch if you like B-Movies and Sci-Fi films. This one has a great ending, some pretty dull acting at times, but good parodies of 2001 and quotable lines. In addition, the last shot is really funny, making it end well.





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