Monday, 27 April 2015

The Big Silly To-Do List for Summer 2015

It is summer again, and another very long time off University! For me, it is time to consume culture. We're talking movies, television, books and all that stuff on YouTube. I intend to do some traveling, but outside that there are several videos I want to make, many films and shows I want to see and books to read. Many of these things I intend to write about here or at letterboxd and at my YouTube channel. I hope you have fun as I ramble and discuss with everything I am doing this summer! So let's take a look at the list.

A trailer to what to expect this summer!

1. Watch 110+ Movies

The most obvious one of course, but I intend to watch AT LEAST 110 movies. Most of which are going to be new films, but I intend to do a lot of re-watching too. Here is my letterboxd list on what is on my summer watchlist.

2. Two or Three Film Marathons

I always love doing film marathons on my blog or YouTube channel as its always a fun way to engage with certain areas of film, and to start a discussion with people. Last summer I had a Japanese, Woody Allen and Anime, Silent and 70s film marathon. So, there was a lot in 2014. I want to have another 70s one, and to branch out from Japanese film I intend to watch more Asian films in general. Here are the marathon ideas:

  1. Asian Cinema: Japan, South Korea, China
  2. 70s Marathon 2#
  3. Director Weeks: Scorsese, Kurosawa, John Ford

3. Television Watching and Reviewing
I think in comparison to film television doesn't get as much review attention- though that is changing now with such high quality shows ranging from Game of Thrones to House of Cards.  I intend to watch/finish certain shows this summer and a new addition to my blog is writing about TV. So, I want to make some favourite lists, talk about what I am watching and even review seasons/series of shows. 
 The watchlist
  1. Marco Polo S1
  2. Seinfeld (s7-9)
  3. Fraiser (Finish Season 9 and watch up to S11)
  4. The Wire (Finish S2 continue to 5)
  5. Curb Your Enthusiasm (S3-6)
  6. Orange is the New Black (S3)
  7. Better Call Saul- e4-12    
  8. Possible re-watch of Six Feet Under
  9. Possible re-watch of The Sopranos 

4. New YouTube videos!

 I want to start a new series called "Scene Analysis" looking at everything in my favourite scenes from films ranging from editing, set design, acting, lighting and all that stuff that makes a film a film. I also intend to continue my director/actor biography series. Here is some videos to expect over the next 4 months:
  1.  Charlie Chapplin Director Biography
  2. Al Pacino Actor Biography
  3. Martin Scorsese Director Biography
  4. 3+ Scene Analysis episodes
  5. Top 25 Cartoons
  6. Top 25 Japanese Films (maybe)
  7. Entire Film Collection
  8. Retro Gaming collection video
And many more!    

5. At least three video/film productions

I will also be considering posting a link somewhere of my latest film (currently in editing/filming stage), depending on what I do with it, as some festivals don't want the film to be available online when they select one. Outside that, I'd love to get at least another three video productions done (could be a comedy sketch, montage, music video) and/or films. I have had the idea for a skateboarding documentary for a while,which I may bring into effect in the middle of May. In terms of length I can make it 10 minutes, but I would love for it to be 30-45 minutes. Time will tell as well as other video/film ideas to come. Here is where they will pop up:

6. Read some books

I might even consider writing about some books, but I am not expert. With all the films/writing and video/film work I do I find it hard to sit down and read a book. Plus, I am not the fastest reader (but can be) as I almost play everything out like a film in my head. Close-ups here, dark lighting there. I intend to read the following though:
  1. American Psycho (finish reading)
  2. To Kill a Mockingbird
  3. Kafka on the Shore
  4. The Grapes of Wrath
  5. Dearly Devoted Dexter   

7. More Blog Posts- regularly

I would also like to of course, do some blog posts over the summer. I am still debating whether to review every film in the marathons I do, but they will certainly turn up on letterboxd if not here. I hope to try and have a regular upload/publish date at my blog. Perhaps 2-3 posts a week on top of videos that I release. Time will tell. 

It all kicks off on May 2nd. Hope to see you there!


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